“providing furniture retailers a full array of business solutions deployed by our expert team in order to navigate today’s changing landscape.”

Watch Hill Furniture Capital is a national company servicing one industry and one industry only — The Furniture Industry. Watch Hill Furniture Capital (WHFC) was founded with a single objective: “to provide furniture retailers a full array of business solutions deployed by our expert team in order to navigate today’s changing landscape.” Our senior management team has over a century of combined successful furniture experience and is prepared to use that experience to benefit you. As a Schottenstein Affiliate, WHFC has both vast financial resources and unparalleled industry-specific expertise. In a time when the retail furniture landscape is changing rapidly, WHFC is unmatched in its ability to assist furniture retailers in overcoming all challenges, big and small. As former furniture retailers ourselves, we are intimately familiar with these ever-present obstacles and the tools needed to overcome them.


WHFC’s unmatched team of furniture & rug industry experts offer decades of specialized industry experience to help you realize your store’s potential. Our proprietary methodology allows us to create an actionable plan specifically designed with you and your individual needs in mind.


With our extensive and varied experience, WHFC offers retail consulting to store owners on all levels, including: merchandising, operations, marketing, sales and beyond. We’ll send our experts to your store, create a program for you and provide ongoing support to make the success of the program a reality.


Do you want to sell your real estate? Are you just looking to extract some of your real estate’s equity? Are you trapped in a long-term lease? WHFC can help you dispose of your real estate assets, monetize them and assist you in getting out of that undesirable lease.


WHFC provides asset-based loans to fund working capital needs, growth projects, turnarounds and everything in between. Is your inventory sitting on the showroom floor, not providing you a return on your investment? We’re there for you to provide a creative loan structure that makes sense for you and helps maximize the value of your assets.


If you need an equity and/or debt investment to grow your brick and mortar or E-Commerce operation, call us. We and our partners are ready to deploy our capital to make your business plan a reality.


Our senior management team has over a century of combined successful furniture experience and is prepared to use that experience to benefit you.

Burt Homonoff  |  President

(401) 261-9737
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As a second-generation furniture retailer with over 30 years of industry experience, Burt has a vast knowledge of all things furniture. Having also received his MBA, Burt combines his formal education with practical know-how for a proven method of success. Career highlights include lead merchandising and operational execution of many of the most successful furniture liquidations, including but not limited to: Huffman Koos, Levitz, Wickes, Rhodes, and Room Store. Burt has two grown children and lives in Rhode Island with his wife and dog.

Debbi Guyan  |  Vice President of Finance & Treasurer

(813) 267-5574
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Debbi comes to WHFC with over 30 years in the furniture industry. Formerly, Director of Operations at a leading national furniture promotional company, Debbi was responsible for the company’s finances and operations. Prior to this, Debbi has held high-ranking positions at major furniture retailers such as Huffman Koos and Roberds. Debbi has focused on streamlining expenses; overseeing day-to-day operations; and hiring, training and overseeing staff. Besides her work, Debbi is a world-class traveller and enjoys learning about diverse cultures. Debbi has two children, 4 grandchildren and lives with her husband in South Carolina.

Jamie Guyan  |  Vice President of Sales

(843) 568-3799
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Jamie has spent decades in the furniture industry, having grown up in his family-owned furniture stores and home delivery service. Prior to joining WHFC, Jamie managed multiple high volume furniture liquidation events across the country, where his talents for generating sales, profitability and client satisfaction were repeatedly proven due to his exceptional ability to understand store owners’ needs and execute. As a former division one college soccer coach, Jamie brings his natural energy, drive and endurance to the team. Jamie lives in South Carolina with his wife and two daughters.

Rick Guyan  |  Vice President of Sales – Prestige Division

(813) 267-6655
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With over 35 years in the high-end furniture industry, Rick has owned his own successful furniture stores and home delivery service, and brings a valuable, unique perspective to WHFC’s clients. Most recently, Rick has managed a number of notable high impact events, where he has repeatedly exceeded dealers’ expectations while applying his management skills and specialized knowledge to generate profitable events. Rick’s extensive career in the high-end furniture industry uniquely qualifies him to work hand-in-hand with the upscale furniture store owner, creating the type of environment needed to succeed with designers and clients who demand the very best. Rick has always had a special interest in youth sports, having coached softball and soccer for over 20 years. Rick has two children and lives with his wife in South Carolina.

David Homonoff  |  Director – Business Development

(401) 935-7396
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David joins WHFC as a third generation furniture industry participant, combining his formal education in finance with his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the furniture industry. David graduated with honors from NYU Stern with a BS in Finance and subsequently spent a number of years in the investment and retail fields. Among other things, this involved opening new brick and mortar retail locations in the greater New York area for a consumer facing brand and growing the top line of the six store operation. He brings a fresh, thoughtful perspective to business opportunities presented to the Company and helps maximize results.

Kelli Esposito  |  Administrative Assistant

(732) 233-5074
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Kelli has grown up in her family-owned furniture business and, as of 4 years ago, rejoined the industry. For 10 years, Kelli worked as an administrative assistant in a prestigious law firm and in 2011, became the administrative assistant to the VP of Operations and Merchandising and Director of Operations at a top furniture promotional company. Here, Kelli excelled at implementing a number of successful business protocols and maintaining outstanding relationships with the vendor community. Kelli has two beautiful children, Anthony and Olivia, with whom she resides in New Jersey.